6 Questions to Ask Your Jacksonville FL Door Contractor

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Finding someone you trust to work on your home doesn’t have to be a hassle. Here are six questions to ask your Jacksonville FL door contractor before starting your next home improvement project.

By asking these questions, you can find a local door contractor and trust they’re the perfect fit!

Do You Have a Certificate of Insurance & Contracting License?

Choose a Jacksonville FL door contractor that has proof of general liability and worker’s compensation. Otherwise, your homeowner’s policy is responsible for this company’s coverage.

That means any accidents that occur on the job are your problem to deal with. Instead, find a contractor that’s licensed and insured to avoid issues in the future.

Different counties, cities, and states have their own requirements for contracting licenses. Make sure the door contractors you call have the right credentials and certifications for the job.

You can use this tool to verify a contractor is licensed in Florida or in another state.

Will You Obtain Permits & Schedule the Necessary Inspections?

Not every home improvement job requires inspections or permits. If a project changes the structure of your home, however, you should check to make sure your contractor has the right permits.

Ask your contractor if they can pull the documents you need.

That way, you can verify everything is in order before they start your home improvement project.

How Long is Your Warranty?

Many companies offer a guarantee or warranty for their products and services. Check for these details before your Jacksonville FL door contractor gets to work. This includes any manufacturer’s warranties for the doors, windows, or other materials involved in the project.

Don’t feel afraid to ask your contractor questions. Asking about a guarantee, warranty, or other details can help you feel reassured before the project starts.

How Long Have You Been in Business?

This number can tell you a lot about a business. As with any company, a contracting business works out the kinks in their beginning years.

An experienced door contractor, however, knows how to ensure the highest quality of work for their clients. They’ve already worked through the kinks, which helps them work efficiently on every project.

The more experience your Jacksonville FL door contractor has, the more that experience will show in their work.

Who is Working on My Door Installation?

You can also ask your point of contact if you will have the same installers working on your home improvement project. That way, you’ll know the best person to speak to regarding questions or concerns.

Ask to speak with the project manager, so you know who is overseeing the team. You can also ask:

  • When will you start/finish working each day?
  • How loud will the noise be?
  • Do I need to remove any items around the project area?
  • Will the crew clean up at the end of each day?
  • Do you need to store supplies or tools in my home?
  • Will you use tarps and wear shoe coverings to protect my home from damage?

Asking these questions will give you peace of mind that the team will take measures to protect your property during the span of the project.

Do You Have References & Samples?

We often hear friends and family discuss the success of their latest home improvement project and who they hired for the job. In addition to this personal point of reference, ask the contractor for other former clients you can speak to.

This will help you establish a full-picture impression of the company.

You can also look at work samples of their previous door installations. Check Instagram, Facebook, and the company website. Then, make sure this work reaches the quality standard you expect for your own project.

6 Questions to Ask Your Jacksonville FL Door Contractor

By asking your Jacksonville FL door contractor these six questions, you can find the perfect team for your next home improvement project. In fact, you already have!

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