The Top Reasons to Choose Vinyl Replacement Windows

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Planning to update your home with vinyl replacement windows? According to the American Architectural Manufacturers Association, 40 million vinyl windows are sold each year. More people are making the switch to vinyl products—enough that vinyl products are responsible for 65 percent of the market share for residential remodeling.

Making the switch from wooden frames to vinyl is as easy as picking up the phone. Before you do, we’ve reviewed the list of reasons you should choose vinyl replacement windows for your next home improvement project.

Make the switch and experience these amazing benefits for yourself!

Energy Efficiency

Cracks in your current wooden window frames can cause outdoor temperatures to slip into your home. This can cause temperature fluctuations, forcing your AC to struggle to keep your desired temperature.

Wood also expands and contracts based on humidity and the weather outside, making it more difficult for them to insulate your home. As an added bonus, insulation helps soundproof homes, blocking out noise from outdoor traffic.

Families that choose vinyl replacement windows can enjoy a more consistent temperature year-round. That way, your home remains warm in the winter and cool during those blazing summer months.

Eco-friendly windows can enhance your home, cut your energy bill, and help you reduce maintenance (which can increase annual costs!).


With a number of different exterior vinyl window finishes available, you can find a style that best suits your home’s existing aesthetic. There are also a number of different window design styles to choose from. That way, you can find a window style with beauty and functionality in mind.

A few of our window styles include:

  • Double-hung
  • Sliding
  • Awning
  • Bay, bow, and box
  • Casement
  • Garden

With this range of window styles, along with our interior and exterior color options, you can prioritize natural light, craftsmanship, and style throughout your home.

Superior Material

Keep an eye out for these signs your home needs replacement windows. Whether you notice drafts throughout your home or visible aging on your window frames, updating your windows now can help you avoid issues in the future.

Choose vinyl replacement windows for their weather resistance and durability. These windows are non-corrosive and won’t warp based on warm or cold weather.

Vinyl windows are also virtually maintenance-free. The material is easy to clean, so you can wash away dirt, dust, or even bird droppings without a hassle.

Choosing Vinyl Windows: Upgrading Your Home

With this list of reasons to choose vinyl replacement windows, you can make the informed decision to choose vinyl for your own home. Our windows are also available with a lifetime limited, transferable warranty, so you can experience worry-free comfort, too!

Still have questions? Contact Preservation Home Specialists today to discuss how we can help you complete your next home improvement project.

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