Get a Little Greener With These 3 Ways Eco-Friendly Residential Windows Enhance Homes

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Whether it’s replacing plastic straws with biodegradable paper ones or driving electric vehicles to reduce exhaust emissions, there are hundreds of ways to live a little greener. For homeowners, choosing energy efficient products not only helps save energy and the environment, but can help save money as well! Here are three ways eco-friendly residential windows enhance homes, so you can live a little greener, too.


Choosing high-quality, energy-efficient windows for your home offers insulation from outdoor temperatures. As a result, your indoor temperature will no longer flux due to frigid winters or blazing hot summers. In addition to providing a barrier from outdoor elements, energy-efficient windows also provide a secondary form of insulation—soundproofing. For neighborhoods with close-built homes or easy-access to major highways, these windows can reduce noise from traffic, sirens, and rowdy neighbors.


As your eco-friendly windows keep your home insulted, they also keep money from flying out the window. Using less energy to heat or cool your home allows you to reduce cost. According to ENERGY STAR, energy-efficient products can reduce energy bills by an average of 12 percent nationwide, which translates to an annual saving between $27 and $583 for typical homes.

While eco-friendly residential windows enhance homes and save money, they also reduce maintenance (another saved cost!). The reduced energy transfer also lowers the risk of mold, water spots, and dirt buildup outside your windows, which decreases the time, energy, and cost you would otherwise spend on clean up. That’s one less chore—and one more way to save!


Energy-efficient windows feature a special coating to protect the inside of your home from long-term exposure to direct sunlight. By protecting your home from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, you can also protect your valuables—such as carpets, furniture, wood floors, and even photographs—from fading and discoloration due to sun exposure. As a result, these windows protect your home—without noticeably reducing natural light.

Other Ways Eco-Friendly Residential Windows Enhance Homes

That’s just the start! New, energy-efficient windows are an investment in your home as well as your family’s comfort. To learn more about living a little greener with eco-friendly residential windows, contact one of the Preservation Home Specialists today. We’re here to help with your next home project!

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