Your Florida Impact Window & Door Hurricane Season Guide

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For Floridians, living in the Sunshine State means months of basking in the sun and hanging out poolside. Once hurricane season hits, however, everyone knows to prepare for the worst. According to this research, the Florida Office of Insurance Regulations reported $6.2 billion in insured losses from Hurricane Michael alone. Taking the right precautions can help prepare your home before a hurricane strikes. With this Florida impact window & door hurricane guide, you’re one step closer to protecting your home!

Install Impact Windows

Hiring a Florida impact window contractor is an effective first step to protect your home.

These windows use impact-resistant glass to ensure the security and safety of your home. That way, your windows are enforced if hurricane-strong winds send flying debris your way.

Wind-resistant and shatter-proof, a Florida impact window can help minimize destruction done to your home during a storm. These windows will also provide peace of mind.

That way, you can feel reassured your home is safe, whether you stay through the storm or not.

Hiring a Florida impact window contractor can also improve your home’s energy efficiency. These windows don’t just protect your home from hurricanes. Rather, they also offer UV protection and insulation as well.

That way, you’re protecting your home from damage, heat, and sunlight (which can ruin valuable possessions within your home).

Here are seven ways impact windows can benefit Florida homes. That way, you can protect both your family and your property before a hurricane hits.

Replace Wood Doors with Impact Doors

Don’t wait to see if your wood doors can withstand anything elements through at them. Whether you’re concerned about heavy rain, hurricane-strong winds, flying objects, or hail, impact doors can protect your home.

These doors use Fiberglass to keep your home safe and secure. As an added bonus, they can keep potential burglars out as well.

Most importantly, storm doors can protect your home from the elements. Exclusively made in the United States, our premium-quality storm doors can provide your home with light and ventilation as well.

These doors:

  • Are available in a range of colors to complement your home’s current design
  • Are constructed with an aluminum wall thickness
  • Offer durability with their rust-resistant aluminum kick panels
  • Eliminate drafts with their single-, double-, or triple-seal bottom sweep
  • Add more strength and security than standard storm doors

Replace your wood doors with impact doors to prepare for Florida’s next storm.

Install a Metal Garage Door

You can also install a metal garage door to keep your home safe during hurricane season.

The average garage door won’t protect your home (or car) from winds and flooding. If your garage door breaks during a storm, you could put your home and family at risk.

Instead, an impact-resistant metal garage door can keep your home, garage, and everything inside safe.

Our garage doors also offer enhanced safety mechanisms. Like a Florida impact window and door, these garage doors improve your home’s insulation as well. That way, you don’t have to worry about rain seeping through.

Additional insulation also keeps your entire home energy-efficient, which will lower your energy bill year-round!

Your Florida Impact Window & Door Hurricane Season Guide

Get ahead of hurricane season this year with our Florida impact window & door hurricane season guide. That way, you can prepare for the worst and protect your home from even the fiercest storms!

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