Balance Design and Peace of Mind With These 4 High-Quality Residential Door Features

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As the entry point of your beautiful home, a quality front door is an important aspect of any residence’s design. When searching for the right entry door that suits your home’s overall design as well as functionality needs, however, there are certain characteristics to look out for. Here are four high-quality residential door features to search for when choosing which best complements your home!

Energy Efficiency

Choosing an energy efficient entry door can help decrease your carbon footprint, improve comfort, and of course, lower your energy bill to help you save money. Whether you experience New York’s cold winter winds or Florida’s hot summer sun, an ENERGY STAR certified entry door can also protect your home from drastic temperature shifts to keep it consistent all year round.


Hurricane season, harsh winds, and severe blizzards are proof that Mother Nature is a force to be reckoned with. When choosing the best entry door for your residence, consider a weather-tight seal, high-performance glass frames, and structural strength options to ensure your door lasts for decades to come.


Your home’s entry door should offer you peace of mind that your family is safe and secure. The steel reinforced hinge area and 20-gauge security plate from the reinforced dual Schlage® lock system offer security as well as an array of hardware finishes and styles to complement your home’s design. You can also choose between smart deadbolts or electronic keypad deadbolts for an added layer of security.


When it comes down to it, though, choosing from these high-quality residential door features often comes back to the design in addition to functionality. ProVia’s professional-class doors offer a beautiful selection. From different woodgrain options and stain colors to their various fiberglass designs, it’s a matter of finding the right combination of styles to create a cohesive harmony throughout your entire home.

Finding These High-Quality Residential Door Features

When searching for the right front door for your home, keep a look out for these high-quality residential door features! The right balance can offer long-lasting curb appeal while adding value and security to your home. Contact us today to discuss the entry door that’s right for you!

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