Holiday Prep Home Improvement Project Ideas

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Tis the season for home design projects! With family and friends coming over to help bring in the holiday cheer, now’s the perfect time to upgrade your home windows, doors, and siding with best-in-class products to refresh your home’s curb appeal. Here are a few holiday prep home improvement project ideas to get you started!

Make a List and Check It Twice

Write out a list of the projects you consider most important to complete before the holidays officially kick into high gear. Are there any repairs that need to be done? Could replacing an old window or door help you cut energy costs?

Determine what your priorities are, make a list, and check it twice to ensure your home is nice just in time for the holidays!

Deck The Halls (and Doors!)

Once you have Santa’s list reviewed and ready, it’s time to get your home merry and bright—and properly warmed as well! With high-quality residential doors, you can ensure your home is insulating heat while keeping the cold out. By upgrading your front door to one that fits your home’s overall style, you’re also able to give a pop to the exterior and improve your curb appeal. A new door offers increased security, energy efficiency, and durability. Plus, it’s a great place to hang that stunning holiday wreath!

Most Wonderful Time For Windows

It may be the most wonderful time of year, but for most of us, it’s also the coldest! With new home windows, you can keep the chill where it belongs—outside!—while maintaining your home’s desired temperature. For an added holly jolly home improvement bonus, new windows also protect your home from long-term sunlight exposure and reduce your energy bill.

High-quality windows don’t just insulate warmth in while keeping the cold out, though. As you kick your holiday parties into high gear, new windows can insulate sound as well, keeping the party inside and any disturbances out.

If you’re unsure whether or not it’s time to replace your windows, no worries! We have just list for you!

Holly Jolly Siding

If all you want for Christmas is new home siding, we have you covered. Rushing winds and heavy storms can cause overhead trees to shed their leaves, leaving behind a lot of debris. A siding expert can update your home’s exterior siding before the weather grows more intense. As a result, you can also remove any exterior blemishes that might impact the curb appeal of your home in the process.

Premium home vinyl siding is also easier to clean and resistant to rotting and swelling. That way, your siding looks like it just received a fresh coat of paint, all year round.

New Insulation Resolutions

Is a draft ruining the cozy warmth of your home during the holidays? New insulation allows you to keep those rooms at the desired temperature without heat slipping out or the cold slipping in as insulation seals any gaps that are causing a cold winter draft. This is also a wonderful time of year to review your home’s caulking and weatherstripping too. As a result, you can ensure your home is cozy, comfortable, and cut costs.

The Most Wonderful Time For These Holiday Prep Home Improvement Project Ideas

Ready to upgrade your home windows, doors, siding, and insulation? After all, it’s the most wonderful time of year for these holiday prep home improvement project ideas! Contact our experts today to discuss your project ideas so you can get started in time to ring in the new year!

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