7 Ways Impact Windows Benefit Florida Homes

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Howling hurricane winds and treacherous rains cause damage to the First Coast every hurricane season. Fortunately, the right precautions and home improvement products can help safeguard your home before a hurricane strikes. Protect your family and property with these seven ways impact windows benefit Florida homes.

With these tips, you’ll be ready before the next hurricane hits.

Protection & Security

One of the biggest ways impact windows benefit Florida homes is the protection they offer. Their ability to withstand strong gusts of wind and substantial volumes of rain will shield your home from potential storm damage.

As a result, you can limit the number of repairs you’ll need after a hurricane hits.

With their shatter and penetration resistant materials, these windows can also protect you from burglars after hurricane season.

For even more protection, add storm doors to your home before this year’s hurricane season.


Living in North Florida, we’re not strangers to humid, salty air. This salt can corrode normal doors and windows.

With impact windows, however, you don’t have to worry about hurricane winds wearing down your windows. Instead, impact windows feature corrosion-resistance, so they’ll last year-round.

Unlike other hurricane resistant options, impact windows require one-time installation. That way, you don’t have to worry about a short-notice hurricane warning.

Check out these premium vinyl replacement windows, which are also long-lasting and add value to your home.


In addition to protecting your home from severe hurricanes, impact windows also protect from the sun.

There’s a reason Florida is nicknamed the Sunshine State. That year-round sunlight can cause your home to retain heat, which increases your monthly energy bill.

Our high-performance windows are eco-friendly. Their insulated glass keeps your home cool, improving energy efficiency by reducing the use of fossil fuels.

UV Protection

UV protection also improves your home’s energy efficiency. When sunlight streams through your windows, it can cause discoloration to photos, furniture, and other items throughout your home.

These windows are also ENERGY STAR qualified. Using UV-filtering multiple layer Low-E glass with argon or krypton gas, our windows can protect your home from light transmittance and damage caused by UV light.

Noise Reduction

The insulation impact windows offer also insulates your home from noise.

If you live near the freeway or in a loud neighborhood, impact windows can give you the quiet life you’re searching for.

Insurance Discounts

Impact windows don’t just protect your home. They can save your bank account a little, too.

Insurance companies will recognize your impact windows as windstorm protect systems. As a result, you can qualify for a wind mitigation insurance rebate and receive reductions to your insurance premiums.

Protect Your Home: 7 Ways Impact Windows Benefit Florida Homes

Hurricane season is on the way and it’s never too early to prepare. With these seven ways impact windows benefit Florida homes, you can protect your home in time for the next season. Contact Preservation Home Specialists today to discuss how we can help you complete your next home improvement project.

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