10 Residential Window Replacement Signs To Look Out For

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Sometimes, we’re so distracted by the stunning view outside our windows that we neglect to consider the windows themselves! Whether you’ve recently purchased and remodeled your residence or have lived there for years now, new windows can brighten a room and improve the overall aesthetic of your home. There are other long-term benefits too! If you’re unsure about whether or not it’s time for new home windows, check out these 10 residential window replacement signs. It may be time!

  1. You struggle to open or close your windows – This may be due to painted frames or swelling from temperature shifts. New windows with easy-to-use operating and locking hardware require less force and offer improved functionality.
  2. You feel a draft when standing near your windows – High-quality, energy-efficient windows will keep your home sealed, preventing air from transferring in and out of your home.
  3. There’s visible aging around your windows – Replacement windows remove obvious wear and tear—including water stains, chipping, or other blemishes and damages—that could otherwise impact the overall beauty of your home.
  4. There’s an increase in your energy bill – New windows will ensure your home is properly insulated from outdoor temperatures, keeping the temperature inside comfortable throughout the year!
  5. Noises outside seem too loud – Energy-efficient windows will absorb soundwaves, offering the peace and quiet of a soundproofing barrier for your home.
  6. Valuables show discoloration and fading – Protect your carpets, furniture, and family photos from UV rays that enter through your windows.
  7. Older windows are single-pane – Updated double- or triple-pane windows offer better protection from the sun, are more durable, and safer than older, single-pane glass.
  8. Your current windows are difficult to clean – New windows offer a number of design features, including easy maintenance for hassle-free cleaning!
  9. The locks don’t work properly – Replacement windows include updated safety features and improved locks for heightened home security.
  10. Your current windows don’t match the style of your home – As a prominent feature of your home, your windows should match your house’s interior as well as exterior style. There are numerous options to choose from to ensure the new design complements your home.

Looking Out for These Residential Window Replacement Signs

Whether you’re remodeling a single room in your home or replacing windows throughout the house, knowing how to recognize when it’s time to update your windows can improve the comfort, security, and curb appeal of your home. Contact us today to discuss the residential window replacement signs you may be noticing around your own home and how we can help!

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