How To Stop Florida Door and Window Drafts From Entering Your Home

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Winter’s chilly winds and summer’s humid air need to stay where they belong—outside. Small cracks and gaps around door and window frames, however, can allow that outside air to slip inside and disturb your home’s intended temperature. In addition to causing discomfort, drafts can also increase energy use, thereby reducing the energy efficiency within your home. Thankfully, we know exactly how to stop Florida door and window drafts from making an unwanted entry.

Strip Out Wayward Weather

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, sealing air leaks throughout your home can save more than 20 percent on heating and cooling bills. By applying weatherstrips to your doors and windows, you can reduce all that pesky air leakage, which could cause an increase in moisture, drafts, and cold spots within your home.

Install Storm Doors to Keep Storms Out

Our quality storm doors help families weather any storm. Available with a single-, double-, or triple-seal bottom sweep, these doors are capable of keeping drafts, rain, and other elements outside—exactly where they should be. Storm doors also add light and ventilation to homes in addition to a number of other energy efficient benefits.

Keep Drafts Locked Out Tight

A loose door handle or lock could allow air to slip inside. Updating an old locking mechanism and double checking for loose screws can ensure there are no channels for air to enter your home uninvited.

Seal Out Gaps

The smallest crack or gap around your door or window frames can allow air through—even if your door or window is insulated. By sealing these gaps, you can seal out the unnecessary spending gaps in your energy bill as well.

Out with the Old

Sometimes older windows and doors just have to go. Newer ENERGY STAR qualified products include a superior polyurethane core for improved energy efficiency. With the addition of other eco-friendly features, Preservation doors and windows allow you to conserve natural resources, save big, and enhance your home’s overall appeal.

Stop Florida Door and Window Drafts Today

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