Mr. Gregory L. Woodcock


First of all I am a very pleased and happy customer! I am also overjoyed that I am a 100% satisfied customer of your new vinyl siding product, Which was very professionally installed at my house in Cambridge, NY in the month of may 2008. Your 3 man, expert installation crew did their job of installing my new siding in a very expedited, professional and timely fashion under 7 days when the project was suppose to be 10-14 days. This was greatly appreciated by me and my surrounding friends and neighbors. During the install process/procedure ALL my neighbors came over to see me to tell me they had NEVER seen a contractor crew such as Preservation Home Specialists work so fast, so professionally and with top notch quality from start to finish during the siding install project. All my neighbors/friends also remarked that your install crew from Utica, NY showed a great deal of respect toward me and them through their work ethic, lack of lots of loud noise, their start and stop of work hours of operations and quality of workmanship in installing my new siding. I would highly recommend your products to anyone interested in getting new siding placed upon their houses because I have first hand knowledge of the quality of the product and you expert install staff. Your product and your people performing the work exceeded even my high standards of professionalism and quality beyond belief. Thanks a million!! A proud and honored customer who proudly displays your sign in my front yard and who will do so for several months to get the word out there about your services and products.

Top Notch!
Stellar Work!
The best in what you do!

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