Richard K. Doyle


I received an email solicitation for replacement windows; I had been casually looking around to replace ONE standard size window. I responded yes and within seconds received a phone call arranging an inspection. A man arrived wearing an orange apron with HD on it, he measured and informed me they use a window that I never heard of before, it would be vinyl, thermopane, with grids and a half screen. Scant description of the product was given, nor was there any sample materials shown. He told me the price, wrote it on his business card. I told him that was too much and I said no deal; he said “I don’t blame you” and left.

The following thoughts were running through my mind, greed, rip off, seniors are victims. As my anger was rising, my patience was ebbing. I had had enough of windows for a long time.

Within hours of the first contact I got a second call about windows and I was in no mood for it. Reluctantly I agreed to an appointment but I had already decided my answer.

Nick Weichold, a representative of Preservation Home Specialists, arrived ON TIME. He looked at the job and settled in to tell me about his company. I was not pleasant and very abrupt. I told him give me the price so I could say NO and have him leave. He was polite but persistent. He wanted to show me the product they made; in hindsight I am glad he did. He had three high quality exhibits, each showing a different facet of their window. His presentation was excellent and the window superb. The engineering aspects could only be associated with the highest quality window. It was more than I could have expected and certainly for more and I would have gotten from the HD people. Nick finally got to the price, I knew it would be way above the other and the other was too much for me. Nick gave me the price and it was way over my head, although the Preservation window was clearly far and above the other it was out of reach. I said no I can’t do that much and showed him the HD card with their price. He said if I beat that price will you buy. I most certainly will and did and am extremely thankful that he persisted in his demonstration I got a very high quality window and a fair price.

It took a few weeks for the window to be built.

I was contacted for an appointment. The installer arrived on time, was very polite and went about his work. The old window was removed, the new window carefully installed. The installer seemed to be very focused and efficient. For my part it was effortless, I just had to pay the bill. I got a window far superior to that which was offered by the first company; I got a lifetime warranty as opposed to the four year warranty offered by the first company. Although I paid a little more than I originally intended I got a lot more than I ever expected. I will recommend Preservation Home Specialists above all others whenever I am asked about this window.

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