Hear From Our Happy Homeowners!

Preservation Home Specialists Happy Homeowners

  • I have had Preservation Home Specialists install 20 windows and two storm doors plus a main front door. They have done a good job with installation and I have felt very satisfied with their work plus their products as well.

    Judy Karlander
  • I used Preservation Home Specialists 8 years ago to replace half the windows in my home. Their staff was professional & courteous. I am now ready to replace the remainder of my windows and without hesitation. I would highly recommend them to anyone doing any home improvement projects.

    Kathy F.
  • My name is Sharon Abbott and I have dealt with you on several occasions. I am impressed with the quality of product and knowledge of the staff. Their lifetime guarantee and quick response make me feel confident in their product. I would recommend this company to anyone to improve their house.

    Sharon Abbott
  • Chuck, Thanks so much for soing such a great job on our windows. Rain or sunshine, you were here! Tinker already misses you. I heard she was biting at your hair, your real hair.

    George & Linda Cooper
  • Dear Brad, I just wanted to thank you and Preservation Home Specialists for the beautiful windows I was so fortunate to win in your December sweepstakes. They look wonderful and have already made such a positive impact in the comfort and warmth of the back room they were installed in. I am in awe of the speed and professionalism of your work team. The room was back to “normal” in to time and looked awesome inside and out. I can’t say enough (positive) about your company, your product and your employees. I hope that sometime in the future I may have the opportunity and the means to purchase more you for my home. Thank you again for this opportunity. And wishing you continued success in your business.

    Debbie Drake
  • Today was an exciting day for my husband and I. I called preservation home services to get an estimate for our second stage windows this year. Last year (2010) we put in 8 new windows and this year (2011) it will be 9 new windows. And we will continue next summer (2012) again with 5 picture windows in our basement. And the next summer (2013 new doors, lord willing.) When we had our 2010 windows installed they said we would see a big difference in our heat bill. Yeah sure!! We are snowbirds and go south in the winter. So when we received out monthly billings for utilities, I thought a mistake had been made. But sure enough all winter long our heat bill was cut big time. We were delighted. Not only that our bill was cut, but it wasn’t just a line to get you to buy. They are honest. That is refreshing. So today we made arrangements for our 2011 windows to be installed. Because we were former customers, we received another big cut on our windows. I mean “big cut”. It is cold and rainy out, but I don’t care, I have barrier windows and I don’t feel the wind and cold. Hopefully, by 2014 we will be done with preservation home specialists and our home will be snug and warm and we can move back to Watertown full time and fell like we are in Florida.

    Doris McAdams
  • To Whom It May Concern: In the past 6 months we have purchased several windows form you. As we are retired, Preservation home specialist has worked with us so we could purchase windows that would considerably cut down our heat expenses. The salesmen, along with all people involved with the installation of said windows have done everything to make these windows affordable for us to purchase. Although we have not had use of the warranty, we understand that it is of the best available.

    Shirley Garlick
  • Dear Mr. Cadieux, We purchased two garage doors from you about two years ago and have been extremely satisfied with the entire process. The garage doors have really made a difference, especially during the cold winter months, and they look terrific. We appreciate the prompt follow up that occurred to make sure that everything was perfect. Since a few of the panels were damaged during installation, they were replaced promptly. We have shared our experience with many other homeowners, especially if we knew they were beginning to think about their own home improvements. When we decided to look at new siding for our home, we definitely wanted you to be part of the process. It has been a pleasure speaking with Jake Lorraine, Chris Conacher & Tom Swift regarding the different products from Barrier. Their knowledge of all the products is truly appreciated, as we already knew about the quality of your products. We look forward to how beautiful and warm our home will be this winter new siding from you. We look forward to working with you for all our future home projects.

    Vanja and Michael Goodman
  • To Whom It May Concern: After just having our house sided: We just wanted to let you know what an outstanding product you have installed in our home. My wife and I are truly satisfied with the ending results on our new beautiful home. We would also like to commend the outstanding associate that did the actual installation on our home. These two gentlemen were truly an outstanding team in both their workmanship and their overall professionalism. They took the time to answer our questions and explain the overall process steps which they would follow. They also never seemed to be bothered by the harsh winter weather in which they did our home. Any company would be proud to have such an outstanding team of associates working for them. Our hates are off to both of them.

    Marie & Kevin Wasser
  • I would like to extend my thanks for the quality work you have done in my home, especially the door. I am extremely grateful for the deal you have provided me for the windows because of my sons upset with the motorcycle. I am excited for the windows to be installed, and there is no worry that the workmanship will be nothing less than perfect. Thank you for working with the financial situation, and deferring the payments.

    Kenneth J. Way
  • Gentlemen: Just wanted to thank all of you that were involved in our window replacement picture window. We love it, and it certainly does change the “look” of our living room tremendously. Also, I wanted to mention to you that the two gentlemen that installed them (Phil Bormann & Steve Sawyer) were VERY professional and completed their work in a timely manner. Received a call from a representative stating that if we were thinking of additional windows, the price would be difficult to refuse. Yes we are thinking of replacing at least two more windows, but not at this time. And, yes-we will give you a call!

    Raymond & Joan
  • To whom it may concern: I’m truly happy with the windows purchased from your organization. Was especially happy with the installer he was polite, just kept motivated and work even when I would speak to him or ask him a question. You can be proud of him-good personality-food worker. Also the salesman is wonderful-I’m sorry I couldn’t get the other windows I need at this time. However I do plan to get them in the future with this company – I had to stay with my program or lose all I have been accomplishing. God bless all of you who work with Preservation Home Specialists. Have faith I will be back with all of you as soon as I accomplish paying my debt off to you first!!! PS: For laughs for you- But the truth I am 75 years old. However it is the truth I shovel snow by hand for the local post office every storm. I get paid at the end of the season. And will send the money on to you!

  • Thinking of your kindness and sending many thanks. My house looks beautiful & it has never been warmer. I need to send a special “honorable mention” here on one of your most incredible workers. Jack Bawarski was such a gentleman thrue out the entire job. He cleaned up everyday before leaving, & his workmanship was one of the finest I have ever seen. Other men working at my house commented on how exellent his work was! Thank you again for a great job!

    Maryanne Dickson
  • Dear Sirs, In the later part of June 2002 I had your siding put on my house. I am writing to inform you of the excellent work that your employee, Kevin Wright did installing the siding and etc. to my home here on Eaton brook Road in the village of West Eaton, New York. He is hard working and takes much pride and caring in his work as a professional. “He is professional” I’m sure any home owner will be more than satisfied with Kevins work. Words can’t express what a great person Kevin is or his work of excellence. I have gotten many compliments already on the house. I say Preservation Home Specialists has an excellent product and a professional employee install it. Thank you to Preservation home specialists and Kevin Wright

    Mattice M. Spurling
  • I Michael Osei had Preservation Home Specialists installed in my home over the past year. The Savings that I have accumulated has helped me and my family stay comfortable during the winter months. The windows have been a great addition to the value of my home. I am confident that every homeowner who has these Windows installed in their home will see the Benefits and Value of their home increased just like Mike has.

    Michael Osei
  • To Whom it may concern! I am writing this letter on behalf of Preservation Home Specialists. They installed 13 windows and one door in my house. Together with other energy-saving installations my use of leaking oil dropped one third. I love my windows and the new door, they look good and are easy to maintain. I only can recommend this Corporation to anybody.

    Freida Moore
  • To Whom It May Concern: In regards to your salesman, Scott Russo, he visited my home twice and showed a great of your products. He did a fine presentation, was very polite and friendly, and nice to do business with.

    Audrey K. Percival
  • I recently had twelve windows replaced by Preservation Home Specialists and I love them. The windows are high quality and the installation process included insulation around each window and expert replacement of the original window stops. In addition, I had the outside trim of each window and it made a huge difference in the appearance of my home.

    Lorraine Scrivener
  • My parents purchased siding from you in the fall of 2010. I really liked the product and the quality that I decided to use the company myself for windows and doors.

    Tina Bulmiah
  • To whom it may concern: Thank you for sending your men out here to my home your doors are great and the display was wonderful. Hopefully I’ll have these beautiful door at my house. Thank you again, Cheryl Vauntin P.S. Your boys were great seller. Ben Hisert and Justin Flynn

    Cheryl Vauntin
  • Dear Kim, Thank you for the time you gave to me on Tuesday March 16, 2010. I truly appreciate that. Everyone I met that day was most helpful and friendly. We are looking forward to doing business with you.

    Ward & Audrey Wheelock
  • The service, installation of the bow window was super, the installers, were super, knew what they were doing, were really good about covering things up in the kitchen so they didn't get dirty, especially the computer. My wife and I recommend this company, their workers, salesmen are excellent. PS: Quinton and Dave Golden are excellent and we request those two gentlemen to install our next windows. They deserve a Raise!!!

    Keith Wheeler and Lisa Wheeler
  • My name is Barry Turner and I just had all the windows in my house replaced by Preservation Home Specialists. I like the windows cause they are easy to open and clean. I like that the latches are easy to open and in a good location on the window. I also like that I was able to get them in Beige color to match my siding and trim.

    Barry Turner
  • Just a thank you for installing my 9 windows and 4 doors recently. I was only planning on doing 3 windows at first but then decided to finish my project with the financing you provided. I am looking forward to the lower energy cost and know I have added value to my home, which was my father's. Your products cost more, but you get what you pay for. I am also replacing my garage door and will then be done unless I win your $15,000 giveaway. You will here from me if I have any problems. Thanks again for working with me on this.

    MG Bliss
  • Dear Preservation Home Specialists, The sales men both times were perfect. I could recommend barrier to anyone who asks about my windows and door. Will and mike my two pales reps were very knowledgeable and know their product very well. I am Very happy with all of my purchases.

    Eugene Demo
  • I Rev Bethenia L Roure has been happy with my window I have gotten from them the y do a good job and I would have all my windows replaced. Thank You

    Rev Bethenia L Roure
  • To Whom It May Concern: Thank you so much for the beautiful door. I just love it. The installer did a great job- quickly, plus I like that he cleans up after the work is done.

    Margeret Trainor
  • To whom it may concern I have been a customer of barrier windows in the past at my previous residence I had a home full of windows installed and was very satisfied with the windows and the workers. In my new house I have had all my downstairs windows replace as well as attic windows, storm doors, entry doors. Everyone had been very efficient. The workers were very good at their work and cleaning up after. I would highly recommend them.

    Qualind Collern
  • Preservation Home Specialists: You replace two windows in one bed room we had moisture problems with. Now- no problem and they are easy to maintain. Also we had you reinstall a bay window in the living room replacing two older windows. This window made a big difference in the size and appearance of our house from the inside and outside.

    Barbara Johnson
  • Preservation Home Specialists windows are very good product, my heating bills were 60% higher before I used your products. The representatives are very nice and willing to work with you any time of the day. Thanks for CUTTING my HEATING BILL

    Bobby Anderson
  • Attn. Preservation Home Specialists 20 yrs ago we put your windows in a home we owned in Central Square NY. After we sold that house and bought the one we currently own. When it needed windows we were pleased to call you once again and have you come out. We are very happy with the products they provide and the warranty that bade them. Thank You

    Myrian Stone
  • We are very satisfied with the high quality storm door and installation that we recently purchased from you

    Alvar von Sneidern
  • Dear Kim, Thank you for the time you gave to me on Tuesday, March 16, 2010. I truly appreciate that. Everyone I met that day was most helpful and friendly. We are looking forward to doing business with you.

    Waid and Cindey Weelock
  • Dear Preservation Home Specialists, I need to send a special honorable mention here on one of your most incredible workers. Jack Baworski was such a gentlemen thru out the entire job. He cleaned up every day before leaving and his workmanship was one of the finest I have ever seen. Other men working at my house commented on how excellent his work was! My house looks beautiful and it has never been warmer! Thank you again for such a great job!

    Maryanne Dickson
  • Dear Sir, I wish and take this opportunity to tank you, your company, and it's employees. I want and take a moment to shine some light on one special employee, Quinton Pellicia, an installer. This young man went above and beyond his call of duty to make my house shine. Just to say, I love it, isn't enough to explain how I feel. The great incisive detail Quintin did for my dinning room slider doors and living room windows goes beyond Wow! Again, I thank you.

    Anna Christiana
  • To Whom it May Concern: I am a recent customer of Preservation Home Specialists. I was very hesitant to take on this financial sum at this time in my life. I am a senior citizen and almost debt free. After seeing a demonstration of your products and quality presented, I made the decision to have new windows and a garage door. I was Impressed with the installers. They were professional and friendly. I was amazed at the speed and quality of work performed. There was very little mess. I expected to be cleaning my house after for days. During the installation I was kept informed and was asked if it met my satisfaction. I am very pleased with the appearance of my house now and look forward to being warmer this winter and of course saving money on energy. I am so pleased I made this decision. It turned out to be a very wise decision. I am so pleased I am now waiting for a new storm door to be installed. I would and will be glad to recommend your products to family and friends. The compliments on the appearance of my home come with each visit from family and friends. Thank you for making my life and my home beautiful.

    Beverly Neal
  • Attn. Chuck of Preservation Home Specialists Chuck, Thanks so much for doing such a great job on our windows. Rain or sunshine, you were here! Tinker already misses you. I heard she was biting at your hair, your Real hair.

    George and Linda Cooper
  • Preservation Home Specialists, This is to inform you that in "98 I purchase eight windows. They are fine however later I got 2 Windows from Groves co- which fogged up in between- I am sorry I didn't get all of my windows from you- also I bought a sliding door for my house.

    Irenen Sitts
  • To Whom It May Concern, I'm writing this letter to inform you of the professionalism and dedication that Quintin P. displayed yesterday while installing my new door and windows. He is extremely dedicated to your company and has the utmost respect for the customer. His knowledge of the work he performs is of the highest caliber. It was a pleasure to have him here and I insist the he installs the next order for me. Quintin did not delay like some of the workers I have seen. His initial set up was the fastest I've seen i=and While working he continually expressed how good the windows and doors will look when finished, and he was not wrong. I am enjoying the quality and workmanship that your company puts into their product. Please put a copy of this letter in Quintin's work record and please give him a copy.

    Michael W. Sullivan
  • Thanks Josephine Cadieux Thanks to a generous donation of $10,000 from Josephine Cadieux of Preservation Home Specialists in Westmoreland, the scoreboard and bleachers were provided to the soccer field. The scoreboard in memory of her husband, Armand Joseph Cadieux and stands at the entrance of the field This wonderful addition has completed the field so that the soccer teams enjoy the same benefits as the football team. Many thanks to the Cadieux family for this very generous gift.

    Home of the Bulldogs
  • A quick note of thanks for your continued support of the relay for life of Sanguoit Valley. This year we had 21 teams and raised over $38,000. We were very happy to see you back as a sponsor this year. Thank You for all you do!

  • Dear Friend, On behalf of myself, our board of directors and the Rob Esche Save of the Day Foundation, I would like to thank you for helping us make our entire event a huge success. As you know The Rob Esche Save of the Day Foundation is a 501© 3 Corporation that was formed with the sole purpose of helping children who are suffering from life threatening Illnesses by assisting the families who are experiencing financial hardship. All money that is raised will benefit children who reside in the Mohawk Valley. As a result of our Celebrity Softball Game, Dinner/Sports Memorabilia auction and Golf Tournament, we were able to raise over $80,000 to help these needy children. The donation or contribution that you made directly assisted us to raise this tremendous amount of money. Our Board of directors is already at work planning next year's event with the hopes that it will be bigger and better than this years. Again, I thank you for taking an active part in helping us make a difference in the life of a child.

    Robert Esche
  • Recently I had some doors installed by Preservation Home Specialists. A small problem came up with putting my old screen door back in place on my new door. After talking to my representative about not being able to afford another screen door I was given a new door at no cost.

    George H. Herrington
  • I would like to thank you for all your help and consideration to get ma a new door and storm door. The whole Experience from the salesman to the workman you sent was considerate and competent. The project is awesome. I love the doors and my back hall is so much warmer. The workman was really great; he didn't even stop for lunch. The finished product is a beauty to behold. I love it. He did a beautiful job and even swept the floor for me. I have arthritis and housework hurts so much that it was a real blessing for him to do that for me. I will be happy to recommend you to anyone and I would certainly remember to use you again when I get this paid up.

    Carole Fountain
  • First of all I am a very pleased and happy customer! I am also overjoyed that I am a 100% satisfied customer of your new vinyl siding product, Which was very professionally installed at my house in Cambridge, NY in the month of may 2008. Your 3 man, expert installation crew did their job of installing my new siding in a very expedited, professional and timely fashion under 7 days when the project was suppose to be 10-14 days. This was greatly appreciated by me and my surrounding friends and neighbors. During the install process/procedure ALL my neighbors came over to see me to tell me they had NEVER seen a contractor crew such as Preservation Home Specialists work so fast, so professionally and with top notch quality from start to finish during the siding install project. All my neighbors/friends also remarked that your install crew from Utica, NY showed a great deal of respect toward me and them through their work ethic, lack of lots of loud noise, their start and stop of work hours of operations and quality of workmanship in installing my new siding. I would highly recommend your products to anyone interested in getting new siding placed upon their houses because I have first hand knowledge of the quality of the product and you expert install staff. Your product and your people performing the work exceeded even my high standards of professionalism and quality beyond belief. Thanks a million!! A proud and honored customer who proudly displays your sign in my front yard and who will do so for several months to get the word out there about your services and products. Top Notch! Stellar Work! The best in what you do!

    Mr. Gregory L. Woodcock
  • Several years ago I purchased my first windows from Preservation Home Specialists. The fuel oil costs the next few winters decreased significantly. Since then I have purchased several more windows. On one occasion a crack in the window resulted in a replacement at no cost to me. With the high price of fuel today, the amount in saving is amazing. I would recommend these windows to anyone who plans to replace any windows they now have which are only single panes. The service and installation were done very quickly.

    Beulah M. Zeke
  • I received an email solicitation for replacement windows; I had been casually looking around to replace ONE standard size window. I responded yes and within seconds received a phone call arranging an inspection. A man arrived wearing an orange apron with HD on it, he measured and informed me they use a window that I never heard of before, it would be vinyl, thermopane, with grids and a half screen. Scant description of the product was given, nor was there any sample materials shown. He told me the price, wrote it on his business card. I told him that was too much and I said no deal; he said "I don't blame you" and left. The following thoughts were running through my mind, greed, rip off, seniors are victims. As my anger was rising, my patience was ebbing. I had had enough of windows for a long time. Within hours of the first contact I got a second call about windows and I was in no mood for it. Reluctantly I agreed to an appointment but I had already decided my answer. Nick Weichold, a representative of Preservation Home Specialists, arrived ON TIME. He looked at the job and settled in to tell me about his company. I was not pleasant and very abrupt. I told him give me the price so I could say NO and have him leave. He was polite but persistent. He wanted to show me the product they made; in hindsight I am glad he did. He had three high quality exhibits, each showing a different facet of their window. His presentation was excellent and the window superb. The engineering aspects could only be associated with the highest quality window. It was more than I could have expected and certainly for more and I would have gotten from the HD people. Nick finally got to the price, I knew it would be way above the other and the other was too much for me. Nick gave me the price and it was way over my head, although the Preservation window was clearly far and above the other it was out of reach. I said no I can't do that much and showed him the HD card with their price. He said if I beat that price will you buy. I most certainly will and did and am extremely thankful that he persisted in his demonstration I got a very high quality window and a fair price. It took a few weeks for the window to be built. I was contacted for an appointment. The installer arrived on time, was very polite and went about his work. The old window was removed, the new window carefully installed. The installer seemed to be very focused and efficient. For my part it was effortless, I just had to pay the bill. I got a window far superior to that which was offered by the first company; I got a lifetime warranty as opposed to the four year warranty offered by the first company. Although I paid a little more than I originally intended I got a lot more than I ever expected. I will recommend Preservation Home Specialists above all others whenever I am asked about this window.

    Richard K. Doyle
  • Our Preservation windows are beautiful and the installers did an exceptional job. They were courteous, neat and efficient. Absolutely pleased!

    Don Black
  • Our Preservation windows are so energy efficient compared to our old windows & the appearance of our house is improved. Preservation is a great product.

    Waymon & Sheila Peterson
  • Our Preservation windows are energy efficient and pretty. Your service was on time & thanks for not wasting any of mine.

    Jim & Ruth Woods
  • Our Preservation windows look good and are extremely efficient!

    David & Rachel Thompson
  • The product performance of the 'Preservation Maxx 10' windows not only meets its performance rating, but has exceeded its rating in my home. By having only thirteen of my thirty nine windows replaced, I have saved an average of $100 to $120 per month in utilities this winter. I can't wait to have the rest of my windows replaced knowing that I can save even more money. With the lifetime warranty and the energy savings available, there is no reason to even consider a different window.

    Jason Crandall
  • In my working career I have dealt with many contractors and companies on large and small projects but your organization is one of the best I have worked with.  Thanks for a job well done.   P.S. The post air leakage test taken after Preservation windows were installed resulted in a 33 percent improvement over the pretest.

    Gus Lewis
  • We recently had Preservation windows and patio doors installed in our home. The windows exceeded our expectations and we are very pleased with them. They have made a great improvement in our home's overall appearance. My husband and I are very satisfied.

    Harold & Virginia Helton
  • In March of this year we had new Preservation windows installed. This is the second time we have used your company. The first when we purchased a new patio door. We want you to know how much we appreciate your integrity, your employees and the product you sell.

    Mike & Judy Reid
  • The gentleman that came to install the windows were very professional and informative. We are very pleased to have gone through Your Home Improvement Company and would recommend them to everyone.

    Vincent & Katie Dirckx
  • I love the product, the warrant and how it has improved my home. I also recommend this product to others when they ask me about my new siding. Thank you for making such a wonderful product.

    Violet Frisch
  • This our first experience with this company and no doubt will look to them for any future home improvement projects. It was such a pleasure working with Your Home Improvement Company. I highly recommend them for replacement windows or any home improvement project for their commitment to excellence, both in products and services.

    Shane & Christy Mechaley
  • We had Your Home Improvement Company reside out house. We were happy with their work and they answered all our questions and concerns. The siding is an insulated siding. It has made our house quieter inside. It seems to have made our unheated garage warmer and our furnace seems to run less. We've had many comments that our house looks much better than it did before. After the workman were done they did a good job of cleaning up everything. We are happy with the work they did and the siding.

    Robert and Jane Jurgens
  • We recently had our house siding by Your Home Improvement Company with amazing Preservation siding. The insulated back siding has already made a difference in our home. Your Home Improvement Company has now done our siding, windows and doors, and railing on our deck. We are very pleased with the professionalism of the company.  The customer service department is very informative. Thank you Your Home Improvement Company for the quality of work provided by you. We will contact you for any future work.

    Randy Greenman
  • I wanted to comment on new Preservation Windows installed on my house. I had 19 windows and on patio door installed. I feel the quality of these windows is very good and do not have any concern that these windows will last a long time. The installation team that installed the windows was very professional. They made sure that any wood problems in the house were repaired before installing the windows. I would recommend these windows to others looking for replacement windows.

    Louis Leonard
  • The work was very fast and efficient, the workers were very clean and nice. We love the window tint, they work very well and are very nice in appearance.

    James Overby
  • We were informed on how much insulation was in our attic & how much we should have. We were shown pictures & how it would save us energy costs. Everything was handled very well. We walked through our house & were shown how much air was coming through our windows & were shown how the new windows would work & save us energy costs. We are very pleased with the way everything turned out. We would recommend this company to anybody & choose them again for any home improvements that are needed here.

    Gerald and Tanya Sobotta
  • I have had Your Home Improvement Company do three different projects for me. I am very happy with the products they offer and the expertise of the installers.

    Franice Bonach
  • We are very pleased with our windows we ordered from Your Home Improvement Company. They installed all of your upstairs windows in one day and the crew was very nice and tidy. We had a miscommunication with our order, so the salesman came back to our house a few days later and was very helpful in correcting our order so we were happy. We are already getting compliments on our windows and can already feel and see the benefits. I would recommend this company to anyone that has a need for new windows!

    Randa Raatz
  • The windows and trim look good installed, the crew did a good job installing the new windows and trim and cleaning up after they were done with each window. The new windows give the inside a few new look. Satisfied, like the looks and quality of the product.

    Jack Bertram
  • We could not be happier with our new Preservation windows! Not only is the quality very impressive, but they look better than we could ever have imagined. Our sales representative was very helpful and kept us informed throughout the entire process. As for Your Home Improvement Company, the installation of the windows went very well. They were efficient and left no mess behind.

    Alleyn and Lynettew
  • After I got my new windows, I was surprised how much brighter and nicer my house looked. The windows made it easier to open and close on a whim compared to my aged windows I had before.

    Tiffany Truttmann
  • As we sit here looking out our new windows, we are extremely pleased with the whole experience of having 18 windows replaced as well as significantly warmer.  The professionalism of Randy and the crew was reassuring throughout the process.  As 'do it yourselfers' we could easily have completed this task as we have in the past, but it would have taken us forever and we still would not have had the quality of window that Preservation provides. From the perspective of a Certified Crime Prevention Specialist, I have always sought the highest level of security available in doors, locks and windows.  Preservation window standards exceed other windows on the market by providing additional features such as the channel between the moveable window sections.  The channel prevents the lock from being opened from the exterior side.  The triple panes insure that breaking them would take time and make noise which are both deterrents. Communication from Your Home Improvement Company was excellent.  Each step along the way we were contacted to give us an update on the progress, make sure we were satisfied and on hand to answer any questions that might arise. We will be telling friends and family about Your Home Improvement Company for home improvement projects they may have.  Who wouldn't want dependable, quality service?

    Rosie and Michael Griep
  • The Preservation windows installed in our house are one of the best investments we've made.  The quality of the windows is superior and the difference between them and the old windows was immediately noticeable.

    TyAnn Sinnamon
  • We replaced our windows and door with Preservation's three-pane windows and Preservation doors furnished and installed by Your Home Improvement.  We noticed that our house used less energy than last year's milder winter and cooler summer.  We were so pleased with the efficiency of the windows and doors that we decided on choosing Your Home Improvement to re-side our house with Preservation siding.

    Leslie and Dianne Koll
  • We just recently had a custom built Preservation picture window with casement flankers installed by Your Home Improvement Company.  The work they do is always done in a timely fashion and we appreciate the quality of the products.

    Robert and Nadine Otto
  • Your Home Improvement Company did a great job on the installation of the siding. The crews were very courteous.  The siding looks great and we are completely satisfied.

    Kenneth and Evelyn Holand
  • The Preservation windows installed made a significant difference/improvement in the comfort of our home, no more drafts and cold along our windows.

    Mike and Julie Barten
  • I had eight windows installed last month and I am very pleased with them.  The men who installed my windows were very professional.

    Marjorie Meyer
  • The windows have dramatically changed the inside and outside appearance of our home.  I especially love the large picture window in the front of our house.  Others have also noticed the beauty of our windows.  In fact, I have observed people slowing down while driving by our house to take a look at our windows.  We immediately noticed the efficiency of our windows as our furnace does not run nearly as much as it used to.

    Sarah Leingang
  • We are more than satisfied with the new windows and will definitely be calling on Your Home Improvement for any future updates/improvements to our home.

    Kim and Mary Magnus
  • Preservation windows are wonderful windows ...

    Robert and Eunice Peterson
  • The installation was completed to our satisfaction as promised.

    Martin and Katherine Koepke
  • We are very pleased with the professionalism with Your Home Improvement Company in replacing windows.

    Karen Disrud
  • I was very impressed and pleased with our new windows!  The trim is beautiful and makes each room brighten up.  Thank you for your business and for the quality of the work!

    Julie and Josh Otto
  • We highly recommend Your Home Improvement Company for all your window needs. Their professionalism is outstanding.

    Mark and Mary Rahn
  • We have just recently had Your Home Improvement Company install custom built Preservation Windows in our home and our very pleased with both the quality of the work done and of the product used.  The energy efficiency of the Preservation windows is remarkable and a much needed improvement over the windows we had replaced.

    Joseph and Eva Como
  • I just recently had Your Home Improvement Company install four custom built Preservation Double Hung windows.  So far, so good!  They are doing everything I was told they would keeping the cold out.

    Joan Lammersen
  • The decision to replace our siding with Preservation Integra insulated siding was one of the best decisions we have made to improve our home!

    Julian and Marilyn Denler
  • 100% happy with product and install.

    Raymond Otto
  • My home was built in the early 1900's and definitely needed new windows.  I have looked at many windows over the years and considered putting in double panes but when I saw the Preservation triple pane EnergyMaxx10 glass and how energy efficient they are, I decided to go with them."

    Michael Platz
  • I've had many contractors work on properties I own and I have never seen such prompt service as with Your Home Improvement Co.

    Darin Peterson
  • I just recently had my home completely re-sided with Preservation Integra 6" clapboard insulated siding by Your Home Improvement Company.  I feel confident knowing the job was well done with a product that enhances both the energy efficiency and appearance of my home.

    Floyd Finlayson
  • I just wanted to let you know how awesome your Preservation Siding is!  The representatives who came out to my house were very prepared and knew how to explain everything to me!  They helped me pick out the best style and color to suit my home, and I am extremely impressed how everything turned out.

    Roy Winn
  • I just wanted to let you know how wonderful my new Preservation windows are!  I have nothing but good things to say from start to finish on the entire process of getting them.  The team came to my home and explained all of the great features of the windows, followed by another gentleman that measured and ordered.  I knew exactly what stage my windows were in with the emails and phone calls from the customer service department with Your Home Improvement Company.  My installation also exceeded my expectations.  Tim was very efficient, clean, and friendly as he worked throughout the home putting in my 9 new windows.

    Brenda Mayer
  • Good quality and excellent installation.

    Clyde Neset
  • When I decided to change out the windows in my house, and update the look, I knew what I wanted to do, and what I was looking for in a window.  I found the Preservation window to have the quality, and features of what I was looking for in a window.

    Dennis Gangl
  • I absolutely love my new windows.

    Jacob Nehring and Kelli Rush
  • My wife and I have pets and like the way we can only open the top leaving the screens free from pet damage.  We will have more windows done as we can afford and look forward to putting in more windows with Your Home Improvement Company.

    Duane Rosdahl
  • The quality of both the windows and siding was very impressive and beyond our expectations.  They added a great deal to both the beauty and insulation of our home.

    Richard and Dee Rollins
  • We now have a beautifully stunning bay window that is the talk of the neighborhood.

    Paul and Stephanie Moore
  • We want to thank you for the excellent job you and your crew did installing the Preservation Integra siding on our house. Our house looks new again with an exterior that should be durable and low maintenance.  We would be happy to recommend this siding and your services to others.

    Kim Dix
  • We are very happy with the job your company did for us. Preservation products, in my opinion, are by far the best. Our insulation factor is very high now due to the quality of Preservation.

    Curtis Dudschus
  • We did our research and came to the conclusion that Preservation windows had the style, price, and quality workmanship that was perfect for our home budget.

    Thane and Angela Riffle
  • I feel like I've moved and gotten a brand new house when I drive in my driveway!  Thanks again for a job well done!

    Robert Wakeman