SST Energy-Saving Foam Spacer System Insulated Glass Packages

Many windows are constructed with a metal spacer between the panes to give the insulating glass unit structural stability. However these metal edges conduct cold from the outside of your home at a rate up to 131% higher than the SST foam spacer. This can create condensation problems at the window edge, damaging woodwork and draperies. Contact our experts today to discuss adding our SST Energy-Saving Foam Spacer System Insulated Glass Packages to your home improvement project!

Preservation Windows combine a structural foam spacer with a seal of hot melt butyl to create a “warm” non-conductive edge, so Preservation Windows virtually eliminate condensation. And, the SST warm-edge spacer design also minimizes the subtle movement of glass panes caused by changes in temperature, helping to prevent seal failure and reducing stress on the glass panes.

SST’s Proven Advantages

  • Exclusive, patented, true warm-edge
  • Patented double seal system
  • Up to 66% more thermally efficient at the edge of glass than windows made with conventional aluminum spacers
  • Up to 18% improved sound absorption over traditional spacers
  • Over 8 times less conductive than aluminum box spacers
  • Reduces the chance of seal failure
  • Helps to lower energy costs
  • Tested and proven durability

A Lifetime Limited, Transferable Warranty – including glass breakage, backs all Preservation High-Performance Vinyl Replacement Windows.